Welcome to the Town of Harbour Main - Chapel's Cove - Lakeview!

We are an amalgamation of three communities located on Route 60 towards the central area of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula.

Our community consists of about 1300 residents and we enjoy the small town peaceful life.

Harbour Main – Chapel’s Cove – Lakeview is a picturesque community. We have stunning harbours, coastlines, lakes, ponds and rivers. We have beautiful green ridges, hills and mountains.

We embrace our rurality providing the ideal environment for hiking rugged trails, fishing and boating.

We have a popular natural beach called "The Tide" where residents and visitors spend their summer days enjoying good weather and swimming. We have a softball field, playground and a community garden.

St. John’s is only a 40 minute drive and Conception Bay South a 30 minute drive.

Catch the Community Spirit

Harbour Main

Nestled comfortably around the sea, Harbour Main hosts the town's favorite natural beach and swimming area "The Tide"

Chapel's Cove

An alluring combination of pondside properties and ocean views, Chapel's Cove boasts the town's softball field and playground


With countless lakes skattered along the countryside, Lakeview offers beautiful natural water views and trails.